Class in Session: FreeRange Mobile for Students – Part 2 of 2

If you’re a budget-minded college student with plans to study abroad or an international student looking for a budget-friendly way to keep in touch with family and friends, our mobile calling solution might be the unexpected answer to your search for savings. For everyday domestic calling or reliable international talk and text, communicating with the world has been made affordable with the FreeRange Mobile calling app.

Let’s continue our discussion on how FreeRange’s $5 Large and $10 X-Large calling plans benefit a budget-minded college student:

  1. World at your fingertips! With the freedom to make unlimited calls to 80+ countries and generous minutes to even more, you have communication with the world literally at your fingertips.
  2. Have no fear! The concept of the FreeRange Mobile calling plans ensures no fear of extra charges or running up the bill when making international calls. You can call your friends and family from across the ocean with no consequences and no surprising phone bills.
  3. No commitments! FreeRange operates with no contracts! This means that enjoying affordable international communication comes at no risk to you, you are always in control of your account, and you have complete freedom.

FreeRange’s $10 per month Worldwide Calling Plan is perfect for international students and anyone making plans to study abroad. This Extra Large plan includes all the features of the $5 plan PLUS unlimited minutes to 80+ countries such as India, UK, China, Israel, South Korea, Poland, Germany, Columbia, and Russia AND supports unprecedented minutes to the rest of the world.

The Extra Large plan enables students to keep in touch with loved ones with the ability to call home from where ever their adventures take them, and all without breaking the bank (because we know how expensive the cost of tuition, traveling, and long distance calls can be).

College should be about learning and experiencing, so do yourself a favor and experience the great benefits that come with using FreeRange Mobile. Try it free today, no risks, commitments, or credit cards required!

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