An Inexpensive Second Phone Line

FreeRange Mobile - Like Having 2 Phones in 1FreeRange Mobile is an innovative calling app that is changing the game for those with an existing mobile service. Among the myriad of benefits that come with using this app, one of the most revolutionary perks is getting a second phone line with a real, US phone number to make and receive calls and texts to any landline, cell phone, or app-to-app in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Whether you are applying for jobs and passing out resumes or operating a freelance business, FreeRange Mobile app gives you the ability to keep business, private, and personal communications separate. With FreeRange Mobile’s unique ringtones, you will instantly know whether the call is personal or business and respond accordingly.

Even if you are not convinced of dedicating a phone for a professional career, anyone could benefit from a second line when it comes to selling items online, dating, or traveling abroad. For just $5 per month, you can maintain a second phone number to make and receive calls, or even expand your horizons with the $10 per month plan for worldwide calling. There is no better way to maintain your privacy as needed at any time while keeping the convenience of a perpetual personal number.

Say goodbye to the limitations of having one phone number. With FreeRange, you have the power to decide and the freedom to change your mind.

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